Timing Belt Change -- Page 5
Replacing Cam Seals & Alternator
Replacing PCV Valve
Waterpump and Thermostat
Replace Timing Belt and ReAssembly
Timing Belt Change -- Page 2
Timing Belt Change -- Page 3
Timing Belt Change -- Page 4
Changing the Spark Plugs
Timing Belt Change -- Page 1
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Mitsubishi 3.0 SOHC Engine

Timing Belt Change, Fixing Oil Leaks, Crankshaft and Camshaft Seal Changes, Waterpump & Thermostat Change

Spark Plug Change, PCV Valve change

Car: 1992 Plymouth Voyager LE


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Here is a guide to dealing with a reliable but somewhat troublesome engine -- the Mitsubishi 3.0 SOHC.

This motor had widespread use among Chrysler vehicles, notable the minivans from the late 80's until late 90's. It is notorious for leaking oil, mostly due to a poorly designed PCV system and (in older motors) weak valve stems.

It is, however, a very reliable and dependable motor, with many reaching 200,000 miles+.

This guide will show how to change the timing belt (medium), as well as replace the crank (easy) and cam seals (hard). Also it will show how to replace the PCV valve (easy), change the spark plugs (may as well, easy w/engine disassembled)



Here is an abbreviated parts list:

Haynes Manual 84-95 Caravan (or equivalent)
New spark plugs and wires
Distributor cap & rotor
Engine belts (one 6-rib, one 4-rib)
Timing Belt
Front main seal (crankshaft)
Cam seals (2) -- if you do this part of the job
Valve cover gaskets (if you remove the valve covers to clean them)
Waterpump (reman is fine) & thermostat -- if you want to do this also
PCV Valve

Also handy:

Good set of 6-point socket wrenches (3/8" and 1/2") and ratchet-wrenches
Breaker bar or extension for 1/2" socket set
Heavy duty jacks and jackstands
Engine degreaser (don't get it in your eyes)
Anti-seize (for re-assembly)
Lots of extra boxes and zip-lock bags
Patience, time, space and organization


Timing Belt Change -- Page 1

Changing the PCV Valve

Changing the Spark Plugs

I would also refer the DIY mechanic to several excellent web postings on this engine for more information.

Allpar General Info on 3.0 Mitsubishi

Allpar 3.0 Repairs

Overview of 3.0 Engine Service -- AA1car

Dodge Garage 3.0 Review

On-Line Factory Service Manual for 3.0 V6 (PDF)

Replacing the Valve Seals and Timing Belt Mitsubishi 3.0 SOHC Engine

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